• The competitor agrees to comply by the Rules in effect at Dageki 2024.
  • For competitors aged 17 or less, a parent/guardian must complete the registration.
  • Competitors’ karate schools must be registered before students can register.
  • Registration at Dageki 2024 allows participation at the Full Contact Kumite Seminar at the reduced rate $40CAD ($75CAD)
  • Registrations can be modified or cancelled with refund no later than May 8, 2024 at 23h59.
  • ELITE FIGHTERS (KNOCKDOWN): MANDATORY MEDICAL FORM must be submitted no later than May 8, 2024, at 23h59.

STEP-BY-STEP REGISTRATION – by the competitor (or parent if undet 17)

Create Smoothcomp User Account (in name of the competitor)

  1. Go to Smoothcomp
  2. Click on the Create Account button
  3. Enter competitor’s first and last name
  4. Enter email of competitor (or parent if under 17) and password
  5. Accept the liability waiver for creating a Smoothcomp User Account
  6. Check your email for activation link (may take a few minutes)
  7. Click on menu in user name, and click on Settings
  8. Complete the competitor profile in Settings
  9. Select the competitor’s karate school (Academy/Club). If you do not find your karate school, contact your Head of school. The karate school must be registered before you can register for Dageki 2024.

Register for Dageki 2024

  1. Log into competitor’s Smoothcomp user account.
  2. Click on Events tab
  3. Enter Dageki 2024 in Search Event
  4. Click on Dageki 2024
  5. Click on Register button
  6. Select competitor profile and proceed with registration. Note: A window will open saying that  a message will be sent to your Head of School asking to approve your registration. You can still continue with your registration.
  7. For non-elite competitors: Add Competition Fee and then click Register (green button)
  8. Accept the release of liability for the Dageki 2024 registration
  9. Click to add 1 or 2 events (Kata, Elite Kata, Fighting, Elite Fighting) Verify Gender, Age, Kyu. Consult corresponding table to identify competitor’s KYU
  10. If eligible and if desired, add the Kumite Seminar ($40CAD)
  11. Complete payment online. A payment confirmation email will be sent.


Note: A parent can create a Smoothcomp user account for more than one child-competitor by associating them all with his email address.

  • Log into the User Account of a first child
  • Click on the child’s name (top right) and then on Manage Profiles
  • Click on Add a New Profile and then on Create a new Profile – Complete the information for a 2nd child
  • Once his Smoothcomp profile has been created, the 2nd child-competitor can be registered for Dageki 2024 according to the procedure described above
  • And so on for all the children-competitors of a same family