Winning strikes – Ippon and Waza-ari
    • Ippon: Immediate win following a legal technique having caused the interruption of the fight for 3 seconds or more – End of the fight.
    • Waza-ari: Legal technique having incapacitated the opponent (guard down, lack of alertness, physical instability) for less than 3 seconds – Resumption of the fight.
    • Second Waza-ari: Waza-ari leading to an immediate win (Ippon) – End of the fight.
    • An Ippon or a Waza-ari must been seen and called by most judges and referee (at least 2/3 or 3/5).
    • The fight is interrupted by the referee who makes the official announcement of a Ippon or Waza-ari.
Official warnings and penalties – Chui and Genten
    • All official warnings and penalties are allocated by most judges and referee (2/3 or 3/5).
    • The fight is interrupted by the referee who announces the official warning or penalty.
      • Chui: Official warning following an infraction.
      • Genten Ichi: 1st penalty following 2 official warnings.
      • Genten Ni – Shikakku: 2nd penalty following 2 other official warnings – Disqualification of the fighter – Immediate win of the opponent.
How to win a full contact karate fight
    • With one Ippon, two Waza-ari, or the disqualification of the opponent (Shikakku) – End of fight and immediate win.
    • By unanimous decision at the end of regulation time based on the allocation of a Waza-ari.
    • By a favorable decision of most judges and referee (at least 2/3 or 3/5) at the end of regulation time based on:
      • Damage inflicted on the opponent: The effects of one or many strikes that are not worth of a Waza-ari but are close to it.
      • Techniques and tactics: The superiority of techniques and tactics displayed with the intention to dominate the opponent.
      • Number of strikes: Attack activity illustrated by many strikes delivered with both arms and legs in most of the actions initiated by the fighter. Just moving forward not delivering strikes is not considered as an attack activity.
      • Attitude and fighting spirit: The preference is given to the fighter who initiated more attacks.
    • NB: The allocation of a Genten Ichi prevents a fighter from winning the fight; the fighter can at best get a verdict of equality.